Our Team Consists of Nationally
Recognized Experts in the Industry.
We Are Your Compliant
Laboratory Management Partner.
We Restructure Laboratory
Testing Programs.

MTL Solutions has the answers. Sustainable business solutions for physician office and independent clinical laboratories.
Your Laboratory. Our Experts.

Nationwide audits and over-payments tied to in-office and independent clinical laboratories are costing millions of dollars. While there are many reasons laboratories are audited by payers and money is lost, one particular reason is unqualified third-parties who provide unreliable billing, coding, laboratory management, and medical necessity information. That’s where MTL Solutions can help you.

  • We assist you and your legal counsel with payor audits.

  • We restructure laboratory testing programs.

  • We provide billing and coding oversight for your clinical laboratory.

  • We have vendor connections with real world solutions to high quality laboratory equipment and personnel.

  • We provide a robust compliance program for your laboratory operations, sales and marketing teams (independent laboratories), and billing and reimbursement practices.